dr michael jones

Join Dr. Michael Jones on Saturdays at 10 as he explores all things health and sheds light on the changing landscape of healthcare as we currently know it. Dr. Jones is a practicing physician in the St. Louis Metro area since 2003. He has hosted Eye On Health for the last 5 years, and brings his unique perspective on healthcare both as a physician and business owner.

Dr. Jones’ goal for Eye On Health is to provide cutting edge healthcare information to local listeners. Every week, he brings in local specialists to talk about what is new in their respective fields.

Dr. Jones is also a devoted husband to his wife Christa, and together they have 5 children, who you may hear from time to time during a broadcast.


dr steve harvey

Steve Harvey MD joined the Eye On Health team in mid-2019.  As a practicing psychiatrist with experience as a business owner, Dr Harvey brings to the show a knowledge of mental health and a unique take on social issues.  And as someone with published research, Dr Harvey brings to the show a love of science. 

Dr Harvey and his wife are the proud parents of two children.   When he is not working or on the radio, Dr Harvey is typically enjoying the outdoors, or geeking out with his fossil collection.

For more professional information about Dr Harvey click here.


eric roberts

Eric Robert is producer and co-host of Eye on Health. For the last five years Eric has provided valuable insight into the healthcare discussion between Dr. Jones and the guests. His expertise is looking at the financial impact of healthcare decisions and also providing “layman’s terms” descriptions of often complicated medical topics.
Eric is the devoted father of 5 (five), yes, five children. That is why he is tired on some Saturday mornings.