Eye on Health 11/23/2019

Today we have in studio Dr Ed Weisbart, from PHNP — Physicians for a National Health Plan. Also known as “single payer” or “Medicare for All” we discuss the pros and cons of this proposed healthcare reform.

Eye on Health 11/16/2019

Today’s guest is Dr Luis Giuffra, telling us about the use of ketamine for major depression.  Also in studio is Mary Jo, who provides a first-hand account of ketamine treatment.

Eye on Health 11/9/2019

This week we have back in studio Mike Jaudes, owner of Fitness Edge. Topics include physical fitness as the holidays approach, and the advantages of having a personal trainer.

Eye on Health 11/2/2019

This week we have Arturo Taca MD from Insynergy Drug and Alcohol rehab. We’re talking about the current vaping epidemic, and more.

Eye on Health 10/19/2019

Steve Harvey MD and Eric Robert discuss wasteful spending in our medical system, and arguments for and against medicare for all.  

Eye on Health 8/17/2019

Arturo Taca from INSynergy alcohol and drug rehab discusses addiction.